Serena Williams: How to Captivate the World

“What she has accomplished is far more important than future titles and broken records.”

Tera W. Hunter, New York Times (2019)
Photo via Flickr (2018)

Since her professional tennis debut in 1995, Serena Williams has had a spotlight on her. No matter what she does now, her legacy is set in stone. She will go down as the greatest female tennis player of all time. This is an impressive feat on its own, but it is even more impressive in light of the hardships she has faced due to her skin color. So, how has she done this? How did a 16-year-old take over the world and maintain that level of power for over 20 years?

1. Have a Unique Back Story

Unlike many other tennis players, Serena was coached by her father for many years alongside her also very talented sister Venus. The two grew up playing tennis from an extremely young age, but their father also emphasized of the two prodigies getting to be kids as well. This balance between hard work and play from a young age and the strong emphasis on family make Serena’s story very interesting.

2. Be the Most Dominant Player of the Generation

Photo via Media Commons (2015)

In her years of being active on the professional women’s tennis circuit, Serena has one 39 grand slam titles, 23 of them in women’s singles. Her first came at the US Open in 1999 when she was just 17 years old. From then on, Serena has dominated. She wins far more often than she doesn’t, and she consistently lives up to expectations.  

3. Stand Up for What’s Right

In addition to her brilliant tennis career, Serena is known for her activism. She is outspoken about the racism she and others experience in the tennis world. She also has talked quite a bit about the difference between men’s sports and women’s sports, with men’s getting significantly more attention and more pay. Because of her position as such a dominant player, Serena has a very prominent and powerful voice that people actually listen to.

Serena’s story, career, and activism have helped her stand out from all others and will continue to keep her in the spotlight for years to come.  

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